Video Support & Explaination

User-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with video explaination.
Explain our technical support step by step & its very helpfull to you.

Explain of the method of entry on the site and lists

First lesson : The first lesson explains how to access the tracking system and then begins to explain sections and lists.

Explain the tracking method of the monitoring section

Second lesson : Explains the monitoring section and how to show the vehicle on the map and automatic tracking and know the condition of the vehicle moving or parked and many more.

Explain method view of the paths, Tracking paths section

Third lesson : Explains of how previous tracks display trace lines, stops, and places exceeded by speed.

Explain how to create reports

Fourth lesson : Explain how to create notifications such as speeding alert, entry, exit from the area or engine wasted operation and many more.

Explain how to create specific areas and points of interest

Fifth lesson : Explain the method of creating fence areas and restricted areas or areas that do not want to enter or exit the driver and explain also how to create points of interest and places are important to you