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Tawasol Riyadh
Automatic Vehicle Location

Tawasol Riyadh’s strategy depends on studying and meeting the needs of
the market by bringing the latest devices
-: And its evolution, this strategy is based on the following two items
providing customer with Comprehensive and detailed Services
Needs -based and cost-effective to be universally accessible and quality.
We are committed to providing customers with the best services according
to International standards and norms and We are also concerned with the
continuity Service
…..We pay the attention and care of the after -sales Services

Tawasol Riyadh (our Vision)

Tawasol Riyadh AVL is working to provide Automatic
Vehicle Location and fleet management services
supplying the market with Highest quality products
and solutions distinctive software in its quality and
technological level that help Customers to take full
control of vehicles, all within Suitable price with small,
medium and large business. We have come a long
Way in achieving their goals Created for them, we now
strive to bring all the new in the AVL world

The company was established in 2011 in Riyadh by a
group Of experts and specialists, the goals and
strategies have been developed for Tawasol to
become one of the leading companies in the Kingdom
: Tawasol Riyadh operates in three main sections
Tawasol Riyadh Real Estate Co. Company –

 Tawasol Riyadh For Contracting –
Tawasol Riyadh forAutomatic Vehicle Location –